Pardon My French

Life has been hectic lately… as in super! I do not even know where to start if I’m going to explain it, so it’s better not to because it’s quite complicated… but I’m still grateful with everything. And included in my jam packed itinerary is my French Class. It’s a dream come true! Right now, I’m taking Basic French (A1 Level) in Alliance Francaise de Manille

Before, I’ve tried learning by ear with the help of the Coffee Break Podcast. However, I stopped listening to the podcast when my class started. It’s learning by ear that’s why it’s quite difficult… and it’s only 20 minutes per episode… but it helps. If you’re interested in learning French, I suggest that you try the Coffee Break Podcast. ;)

As you can see above, I have a cheat sheet. The subject-verb conjugation en Francais is quite difficult… that’s why I need to study harder! 

I’ll end it here… ‘til then! :)

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Typography 101

First, pardon the handwriting. My handwriting really sucks big time! And that’s one harsh truth that I’ve already accepted. Okay so now that we’re clear on that, tadah! And that, people, is my first take on typography. I just can’t help but be proud of myself… because I had the courage to publish it, lol. 

That’s actually my first doodle this year… and probably, the first one that I did for a different purpose - oh, I used to doodle a lot back in college to keep myself awake. And hopefully that’s the first of many because I’ve always wanted to do some typography… though I suck at it obviously. (Sorry, I’m not gifted when it comes to art, and my handwriting is not even close to pretty..)

On a side note, as you can see I’m too lazy to blog. Harhar~ so much for trying to be active… but I’ll try to be active! I swear, I will try.

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Emilio Pucci F/W ‘14/15

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